Date: 11/8/18 9:49 am
From: William Diffin <okiebirder...>
Subject: Surf and Black Scoters, Hefner
For those of you who do not get eBird rare bird reports, yesterday and this
morning a Black Scoter and two Surf Scoters have been present at Lake
Hefner. The Black Scoter has been in the Prairie Dog Point area. Yesterday
when seen it was in the western cove between the cattails and the dam. This
morning it was seen resting near the east end of Prairie Dog Point about 40
yards north. The Surf Scoters were present yesterday at the far southeast
end of the dam. This morning they were along the middle of the dam at the
big bend where it turns from northeast to straight east. They were close to
shore with coots.

Last night I worked through the Bird Essentials free online course. It took
about 30 minutes and was well worth the time. I learned about half a dozen
useful new things even though I have decent experience with eBird mobile,
around 1100 checklists. If every eBirder in Oklahoma went through it, the
data from our state would be improved by a worthwhile margin, and effort
would be saved at the same time through more efficient data input. The
course includes among other things a couple of spectacular demonstrations
of the power of citizen science data gathering. The annual occurrence and
movement of Greater Yellowlegs and Wood Thrush are shown in time lapse form
based on eBird sightings.

Bill Diffin, OKC

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