Date: 11/7/18 3:51 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Black-billed Magpie in Hitchcock County
Birded generally westward from McCook this morning (November 7), until an episode involving snow-slickened roads and a right-angle bend led me to decide that it'd be wiser to retreat indoors.

I was southwest of Culbertson, driving westward on county road 708 just east of the Driftwood Creek crossing, when I spotted a single Black-billed Magpie flying across the road. The bird flew generally northwest-to-southeast; I lost it when it went behind the car, so couldn't see where it went. It may have gone into the rocky hills to the south of the creek.

Other sightings include a number of flocks of geese going southward overhead; mostly white-cheeked, but I found a number of Greater White-fronts and a single blue-morph Snow on the small lake just south of the Republican crossing at Culbertson. Also found a Prairie Falcon on a pole not far southwest of where I'd seen the magpie.

William Flack

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