Date: 11/7/18 12:54 pm
From: Phil Pickering <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Boiler Bay lawn Aleutians
For White-cheeked Geese lovers, since at least Nov 1a flock of 9
accommodating Aleutian Cacklers hasbeen resident at Boiler Bay
allowing very close study- 2 adults with obvious white collars and 7
juveniles without collars, although most of those show a sortof
proto-collar with some amount of discernable palingbelow the neck
border. On close look the juveniles arealso distinguishable by
differently-shaped narrower andmore rounded scapular, covert, and body
feathering,giving them a beautiful fine-scaled appearance.

Most interesting to me is in watching them they seem to be functioning
as a family unit. The group stays quite close together, the 2 adults
seem to be a bonded pair oftenstanding very close to each other, and
one of the adultsis noticeably larger (male?) and spends much of its
timeacting as a lookout and signaling the group if people ordogs get
too close. No idea if individual Aleutianfamilies are known to migrate
together and maintainbonds into the winter, but given their direct
flightpath it seems reasonable.

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