Date: 11/7/18 12:53 pm
From: Christopher Clark <cjbirdmanclark...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Sumner Chipping Sparrow and other Pierce goodies
Hey all! Earlier this morning I was birding the fields off 24th st, off E
Valley hwy in Sumner. Lots of sparrows, including a Chipping Sparrow that
popped into view for a brief time before flying off! Odd bird for this time
of year. Over the weekend a Swamp Sparrow was found in this same area,
which I saw Saturday but not today. The sparrows move around the fields a
lot, so who knows what else might be hanging out there? Ebird checklist
with photo:

I also (finally) saw the Eared Grebe at the 56th st stormwater ponds in
Puyallup, and a female Canvasback was present too.

Christopher Clark
Sumner, WA

Instagram: @birdmanclarkphotography

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