Date: 11/7/18 12:33 pm
From: Alan Roedell <alanroedell...>
Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Eric K., Binocular Advice
I have to throw in my 2 cents. My wife and I both have Zeiss and love
them. We researched the major brands online, traded with other birders in
the field and then spent a few hours trying out the very complete array at
Seattle Audubon Nature shop in NE Seattle. The people are knowledgeable and
helpful and urge you to take them outside to focus on objects near and
far. We ended up with Zeiss, but many others are close in acuity. And the
profits go to preserve wildlife, especially birds.
Just sayin', Alan Roedell, Seattle

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 10:28 AM Steve Loitz <steveloitz...> wrote:

> We have those 8x28 Vipers. Crisp optics, good handling and tough bins for
> a good price but wow the FOV is narrow.
> I agree re marshaling one's assets re optics, travel and other things. The
> cost/return curve flattens out big time above Terra ED/Monarch 5 class. I
> love my FLs (demos, bought 'em 6 years ago for $1500), but I would do just
> fine with my wife's Monarch 5s.
> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:36 AM Rick Tyler <rhtyler...> wrote:
>> I spent an afternoon in (and outside) the optics tent at the Biggest Week
>> in American Birding last year, and compared my humble $360 Zeiss Terra EDs
>> with all of the big-name bins. The Zeiss Victory SF, Swarovski EL and Leica
>> Ultravids were all amazing, and I really didn't find much difference
>> between them. When I sat down on a nearby log (overlooking a bird-filled
>> pond) and thought about it, I decided that my existing bins worked just
>> fine and I would rather spend $2k-plus on traveling for birding. There are
>> a lot of good choices for under $500, including the Terras, but if cost is
>> no object, I'd look at the expensive glass. (I also have two pair of really
>> nice Vortex bins, including the incredible 8x28 Vipers that are my tiny
>> briefcase bins.)
>> Meanwhile, my Terras and I are off to SE Arizona tomorrow morning. :)
>> Rick Tyler
>> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:28 AM Steve Loitz <steveloitz...> wrote:
>>> EL 8.5x42 is excellent glass, but I suggest anyone thinking about
>>> spending $2K on bins look through them and competing alpha bins (e.g.,
>>> Zeiss FL, Leica Ultravid) before buying. Specifically, check out the
>>> difference re Swaro's field flattening at the edges vs. Zeiss and Leica.
>>> Personally, my eyes prefer Zeiss FL. Also, to my eye Zeiss does a bit
>>> better with CA correction, although that is splitting hairs. All Big 3
>>> alpha bins have excellent optics. Also, check out warranties and consumers'
>>> reports re warranties. (IME, Zeiss and Nikon are the best re warranties and
>>> customer service, Leica the worst.)
>>> Finally, check out the Cornell binocular tests and
>>> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:12 AM James Ullrich <jimullrich...>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hello Tweets:
>>>> In reference to Eric’s request, I recommend the Swarovski EL 8.5x42 as
>>>> the best on the market.
>>>> Arguably the last binocular you will ever need to buy again, it is so
>>>> good.
>>>> Only advice is to never buy online, but always go to a local reputable
>>>> dealer like Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner, WA. They have the EL 8.5x 42
>>>> and other Top End binocs in stock. Call 360-797-7100 on availability.
>>>> You always want to try out whatever you buy, put it to your face and
>>>> work with the ergonomics of the particular brand you are testing. If you
>>>> buy online, one never knows what may be shipped to you. Just ask USA
>>>> Swarovski, Zeiss or KOWA and they will educate you on the “grey market”, of
>>>> stolen or remanufactured binocs on the web.
>>>> Yours for the Birds n’ the Bees
>>>> Jim Ullrich
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