Date: 11/7/18 8:03 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: nuthatches
Thanks for the responses. Haven't gotten back to this one. Seems from
replies that wbnu and rbnu get along usually... so, I'm really confused
as to what's going on. I shouldn't have even considered that as an issue
because it's not like the rbnu were at the feeder all day.
So far, I still haven't seen any white-breasted at the feeder though.
I'm not sure what's going on. I have a different feeder setup than I did
last season but, only one part is different. There's still a separate
suet cage on the pole and a hanging feeder that was around before. We've
had the wbnu in the yard enough, even on the peach tree not far from the
feeder. This just has me very curious... and confused.

One other change is the feeder set up for finches. The one I used last
season somehow started having moisture issues. It was a tube feeder and
it was used often... during the summer I even had an indigo bunting that
used it. But, the bottom half was ignored as the seed started to spoil.
The birds were smart enough to leave it alone.  But because of that, I
of course had to replace it.
So, I bought a new feeder... this time, it's like a tube only it's a
metal mesh... so the birds can eat from anywhere on it. Oddly, it has
attracted NO finches even though there's a mixed finch seed in there.
The other day we FINALLY got a couple finches at the sunflower seeds
but, no interest in that other feeder.  Is it the mesh? I usually have
birds that LOVE that mixture... at least enough to not ignore it this
long. Or, color? does that affect anything? The top and bottom are
BRIGHT yellow.  Any weird chance that a bright yellow feeder is keeping
the white-breasted nuthatches away?
Sounds like a crazy and unlikely theory there but, I just don't
understand what's up with them. New feeders, new baffle, etc... but,
same food and all the other birds are quite active on it.

Daniel Mason

On 11/4/2018 1:52 PM, Bo Verser wrote:
> Red-breasted Nuthatches arrived in my yard west of Heber Springs in
> Cleburne Co. several weeks ago and are still here in numbers. They
> have been very active at the peanut and suet feeders that I recently
> filled. White-breasted are often on the feeders at the same time. Also
> at times, but not recently, I have Brown- headed nuthatches in my
> yard. Apparently little remnant pockets of Brown-headeds are holding
> on in Cleburne Co., decades after the massive virgin short leaf pine
> stands were felled.
> On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 12:34 PM Alton Patton <adewittpatton...>
> <mailto:<adewittpatton...>> wrote:
> I had red- breasted nuthatches for two days 10 days ago but not
> since. Guess they have moved on but I know they don't all go south
> since I've seen them in Minnesota in the winter snow.
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> To amend my statement, WBNU don't use the peanut or suet feeders I
> put out with them & woodpeckers in mind. They do, however,
> occasionally grab a sunflower seed on the fly.
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> > On Nov 4, 2018, at 10:19 AM, dianemarie yates
> <maribird...> <mailto:<maribird...>> wrote:
> >
> > I haven't had either to come to my feeders in several years
> though they stop off in my river birches and we hear them in the
> woods beyond the fenced-in yard.
> > Over all, I think white- breasted prefer mature hardwoods,
> whereas red-breasted are most plentiful among the pines.
> >
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> >> On Nov 4, 2018, at 10:11 AM, Daniel Mason
> <millipede1977...> <mailto:<millipede1977...>> wrote:
> >>
> >> I think it's interesting just how many red-breasted nuthatches
> people are reporting this year. In the years(not that many) we've
> been birding, and longer that we've been watchers, I think last
> winter or the one before we had one at our feeder and it was not
> there long... maybe a day or two. This year we had one lighter one
> we figure may be female for days before a darker(male?) showed up.
> They've been sticking around quite a bit. Are they in our yard for
> the season?
> >>
> >> Another thing I'm curious about is the white-breasted
> nuthatches. Normally, we see them ALL the time. I've seen a few in
> the yard a time or two lately but, I've seen them a LOT less than
> normal this season.
> >> I started to wonder if the presence of the red-breasted was
> interfering with their normal behavior but, one day we watched
> both species in the same large tree not appearing to be bothered
> by each other.
> >> In the weeks we've had the feeder up, though, we have not had a
> white-breasted at it at all which is quite unusual for our yard.
> >> I wish I could read their minds sometimes... There are times
> where I like to assume or interpret their behavior to tell me what
> they're thinking and feeling...  Lots of times it's just fun
> guessing of course. But this seems a mystery to me. Certainly the
> white-breasted have seen all the action and know our feeder is
> stocked by now... so, what's going on with them?
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> >> Daniel Mason
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