Date: 11/6/18 8:53 pm
From: Bob Harden <flutterbybob...>
Subject: Yard Birds
I put Thistle and Black Oil Sunflower seed out about 10 days ago.....and
had not seen anything near it until today. At lunch I had 3 Goldfinch
start on the Thistle Seed. In a while I looked up and they were gone but
there were 4 Pine Siskins on the Sunflower seed, along with several
Carolina Chickadees. Shortly a quick visit by a small bird caught my
attention and I was surprised to have a Red Breasted Nuthatch for a new
Yard Bird. I slipped outside to take a photo and when I came around the
house there were 3 red Breasted Nuthatches. Pretty happy to see them when
I live in the middle of town.

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