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Subject: [obol] Re: Interesting Eagle sighting from Harney County
It makes sense that birders would observe so many of these jets since we spend so much time in the field. I will add that this jet did a barrel roll as it came out of Little Blitzen gorge and flew over the Steens summit, disappeared over the Alvord desert, and came back low over my head as it entered Big Indian gorge.

If only birds would cooperate so well for photos.

And the final word. Since this sparked so many memories and one of mine own.

While working for FWS as the wildlife refuge manager at French Frigate Shoals, 500 Miles NW of Honolulu, I had a serious issue with two jets flying repeatedly low over the islands restricted air space spooking 50,000 seabirds off the island. Repeated radio calls to the jets did not help much, as they dodged albatross, frigate birds, terns, noddies tropicbirds and boobies.

Then I found out the cause of the low flights. The pilots were taking photos of my wife and another biologist nude sunbathing on the little beach we had! The ladies were assigned kitchen duties for the rest of their career on the island. Photos were posted on the aircraft carrier.

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> On Nov 6, 2018, at 3:45 PM, Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> wrote:
> When I was a Ranger at the John Day Fossil Beds Nat. Mon. in the summer of
> 1988, we were supposed to keep track of birds like this that flew up the
> canyon of the John Day River. They'd come out of Whidbey Island, make a
> practice bombing run at the Boardman Bombing Range, then drop below the
> radar and wind their way through the John Day Canyons and land in Salt Lake.
> One false move and they'd plow into the canyon walls.
> We were supposed to get identification makings if we could, because they
> weren't supposed to disturb the park. Visitors would cuss them for spoiling
> their park experience. The park service compiled data and sent it to the
> Navy, and the Navy would say, "Sorry."
> Ahhh, how our government agencies work together. ;-)
> Paul Sullivan
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