Date: 11/5/18 4:19 pm
From: Lauren Conkle <chickadee54...>
Subject: Washington Co. Pine Siskins and Purple Finch
Pine Siskins and Purple Finches are very rare at my feeders, but today I
had both species. I can only recall seeing a Purple Finch once before today
at my feeder, and that was back in 2006. I did have a small flock of Pine
Siskins at my thistle feeder for a few months back in 2009, but that was
the only year I've ever had them. So I was amazed to have both species at
my feeders on the same day. There were 5 Siskins this morning which fed for
a while and then left and I didn't see them again. I think they were just
passing through. This afternoon I had a single female Purple Finch, which I
hope will return. I saw one in the woods behind our house on Oct. 25th
hanging out with a few house finches and I think today's Purple Finch might
be the same one.

Lauren Conkle
Washington, PA
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