Date: 11/5/18 4:59 am
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Blue Birds
Why does nature favor the color blue so much? Just lately I've seen lots of
Great Blue Herons, more in Arkansas than just about any other state. In the
past few days I saw quite a few eastern Bluebirds. Maybe if I live long
enough, one day I'll see a Blue - headed Vireo. The beautiful little Indigo
Bunting l've had the pleasure of watching in Arkansas practically more than
any other state. The radiance of its blue hue is almost electric. I've seen
the Great Blue's cousin, the Little Blue Heron. I've spotted a Blue-gray
Gnatcatcher a time or two. I barely saw a Cerulean Warbler one time, thanks
to Joe Neal and his guiding a bunch of us up near Cave mountain not far
from the Buffalo.
The Bluejay I've seen since childhood. It has to be one of the hardiest and
most adaptable birds on the planet. (besides vultures and several others)
Amazing brilliance of a cloudless blue sky has fascinated me again and
again as I looked up and saw thousands of snow geese, American White
Pelicans, ducks,
migrating hawks and a Bald Eagle now and then. The color blue is clear and


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