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Subject: [NEBirds] Adams Co.
Nebraska birders,

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Sunday, November 04, Lanny and I birded in Adams County. Below
is a list of our highlights followed by some details.

Cackling Geese 20
Ross’s Goose 1
Song Sparrows 3
Sandhill Cranes 70
Great-tailed Grackles 10

Overall it was a very quiet day. We saw only 25 species all day.
We visited Kenesaw sewage lagoons, Kenesaw marsh, 32 Mile Creek
Reservoir, Roseland Lake, Juniata sewage lagoons, Prairie Lake and
Hastings Lake.

At Kenesaw sewage lagoons, we saw about 20 Cackling Geese and
one Ross’s Goose among a flock of Canada Geese. At Prairie Lake
we saw a large mixed flock of sparrows and finches including
three Song Sparrows. A flock of about 70 Sandhill Cranes flew

In Hall County, on the way home, we stopped at the truck stop
at the Wood River I-80 exit and saw ten Great-tailed Grackles.

Robin Harding
northern Kearney Co.

Nebraska Ornithologists' Union (NOU)
Next birding event based in Fairbury, May 17-19, 2019
NOU is also on facebook and twitter



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