Date: 11/4/18 1:38 pm
From: Donna Haynes <00000003bd9d64d2-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: nuthatches
I have had at least three Red-breasted Nuthatches visiting the sunflower feeders since Oct. 17. I can't be certain they are the same individuals from day or day. They could be different ones passing through the yard, or the same individuals who have decided to stick around. In the past RBNU irruption years, I would have one which would stop in for a few days, but this steady precence is unusual. The typical White-breasted Nuthatches are still feeding as usual and I have seen no interaction between the two species.  Donna HaynesWest Pulaski Co. 
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On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 1:52 PM, Bo Verser<bo.verser1...> wrote: Red-breasted Nuthatches arrived in my yard west of Heber Springs in Cleburne Co. several weeks ago and are still here in numbers. They have been very active at the peanut and suet feeders that I recently filled. White-breasted are often on the feeders at the same time. Also at times, but not recently, I have Brown- headed nuthatches in my yard. Apparently little remnant pockets of Brown-headeds are holding on in Cleburne Co., decades after the massive virgin short leaf pine stands were felled. 
On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 12:34 PM Alton Patton <adewittpatton...> wrote:

I had red- breasted nuthatches for two days 10 days ago but not since. Guess they have moved on but I know they don't all go south since I've seen them in Minnesota in the winter snow.

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Subject: Re: nuthatches To amend my statement, WBNU don't use the peanut or suet feeders I put out with them & woodpeckers in mind. They do, however, occasionally grab a sunflower seed on the fly.

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> On Nov 4, 2018, at 10:19 AM, dianemarie yates <maribird...> wrote:
> I haven't had either to come to my feeders in several years though they stop off in my river birches and we hear them in the woods beyond the fenced-in yard.
> Over all, I think white- breasted prefer mature hardwoods, whereas red-breasted are most plentiful among the pines.
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>> On Nov 4, 2018, at 10:11 AM, Daniel Mason <millipede1977...> wrote:
>> I think it's interesting just how many red-breasted nuthatches people are reporting this year. In the years(not that many) we've been birding, and longer that we've been watchers, I think last winter or the one before we had one at our feeder and it was not there long... maybe a day or two. This year we had one lighter one we figure may be female for days before a darker(male?) showed up. They've been sticking around quite a bit. Are they in our yard for the season?
>> Another thing I'm curious about is the white-breasted nuthatches. Normally, we see them ALL the time. I've seen a few in the yard a time or two lately but, I've seen them a LOT less than normal this season.
>> I started to wonder if the presence of the red-breasted was interfering with their normal behavior but, one day we watched both species in the same large tree not appearing to be bothered by each other.
>> In the weeks we've had the feeder up, though, we have not had a white-breasted at it at all which is quite unusual for our yard.
>> I wish I could read their minds sometimes... There are times where I like to assume or interpret their behavior to tell me what they're thinking and feeling...  Lots of times it's just fun guessing of course. But this seems a mystery to me. Certainly the white-breasted have seen all the action and know our feeder is stocked by now... so, what's going on with them?
>> Daniel Mason
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