Date: 11/4/18 10:09 am
From: Vivek Govind Kumar <vivekgk3...>
Subject: Stump and Chesney Prairies/UofA Experimental Farm - Novemebr 4th
I visited Stump and Chesney Prairies this morning with Alyssa DeRubeis. Birding was slow compared to last week and sparrow numbers were down.

Stump - Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (1), Savannah Sparrow (4), Song Sparrow (3).

Chesney (miscellaneous) - Northern Bobwhite (1), Northern Harrier (2 immatures), Northern Flicker (4), Loggerhead Shrike (2 along the access road), Ruby-crowned Kinglet (2), Purple Finch (3 females), Brown-headed Cowbird (165), Yellow-rumped Warbler (12).

Chesney (sparrows) - Chipping (1), Field (12), Dark-eyed Junco (2), White-crowned (12), White-throated (1), Vesper (2), LeConte's (1), Savannah (20 - mostly along the access road), Song (13), Lincoln's (4), Swamp (16).

We then checked out the country roads adjacent to Chesney and found a large flock of Chipping Sparrows (22) on Shady Grove Road. They were accompanied by a Northern Flicker (1) and other sparrows including Dark-eyed Junco (4), Field (2), White-crowned (2), Fox (1) and Swamp (1). A beautiful male Northern Harrier was quartering a nearby field.

A brief visit to the University of Arkansas Experimental Farm produced the birds of the day - a flock of 25 Brewer's Blackbirds feeding in a field near the pond. A few ducks were present, including Gadwall (4), American Wigeon (2), Mallard (9) and Wood Duck (7). Several Canada Geese (170) were on the pond and in the adjacent fields. No Black-crowned Night Herons were present today.

Vivek Govind Kumar
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