Date: 11/4/18 8:53 am
From: Alan Ryff <alryff...>
Subject: [birders] The Fake News about a Spotted Redshank
Concerning the 2 November 2018 Spotted Redshank,Marc North posted on e-Bird Nov 03, 2018 18:01"- Comments: Continuing. Original finders (Alan Ryff andMaggie Jewett) veryrudely hid this bird with malicious intent.  Good thing they foolishly still  made checklists through the dayultimately ruining their sinister plan.  Shame on them, they give the birding community a bad name.WoooooooF!"
Really?  Come on Marc, where did you get that information?  Hopefully the politics of Trump's fake news hasn't infiltrated birding.  It looks like it has by reading your words.  Prior to 4:30 PM or so we "did not" bird on 2 November 2018 ("foolishly made checklists through the day").   Our plan was to do a day's end count at a crane roost site. On the way to the crane roost Maggie suggested we stop at the marsh at the Scio Church Road and Parker Road intersection.  No online checklists were made about anything--just note taking in a notebook. After the photo shoot of the redshank, we went straightway to my house for an all nighter of cropping and editing photos.   So much for "foolishly made checklists . . . ultimately ruining their sinister plan."  By the way Marc, since when have I owed you anything concerning my personal life.  I have no relations with a big part of this world.  It's been about 10 to 20 years since I've been involved with any form of listing.  I don't even keep records or an e-Bird account.  I'm not even cheating my way to the top of some heap of listers. Concerning nature.  I haver no interest in what you see or don't see.  So what is this "malicious" intent you speak of.  Maggie didn't post her redshank encounter until after many postings had already been submitted on the next day, being November 3.  Thus lies an important Question:  How DID the members of the records committee so casually come upon this jewell of a bird in an obscure mud puddle of a pond in rural Washtenaw County?Hacking by illegal means is a possibility. iPhone, Subaru GPS, even Flickr posted photos,  Note my flickr name isn't even Alan.  It's Spot Focus.  Quite humble.  This is an age without any true privacy.  If any of the "committee" members had called me, the desired information would have somehow slipped off my tongue.  What stopped them from calling?  Too proud to ask?  Can't get your own bird?  A Courtesy call helps. The "sinister plan" is theirs. 
My motto as a naturalist with an artistic eye: "L" is for learning, not for listing.  I love my birds and want to keep learning about them.  Redshank included.  It's not even the first time I studied one.

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