Date: 11/4/18 8:19 am
From: dianemarie yates <maribird...>
Subject: Re: nuthatches
I haven't had either to come to my feeders in several years though they stop off in my river birches and we hear them in the woods beyond the fenced-in yard.
Over all, I think white- breasted prefer mature hardwoods, whereas red-breasted are most plentiful among the pines.

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> On Nov 4, 2018, at 10:11 AM, Daniel Mason <millipede1977...> wrote:
> I think it's interesting just how many red-breasted nuthatches people are reporting this year. In the years(not that many) we've been birding, and longer that we've been watchers, I think last winter or the one before we had one at our feeder and it was not there long... maybe a day or two. This year we had one lighter one we figure may be female for days before a darker(male?) showed up. They've been sticking around quite a bit. Are they in our yard for the season?
> Another thing I'm curious about is the white-breasted nuthatches. Normally, we see them ALL the time. I've seen a few in the yard a time or two lately but, I've seen them a LOT less than normal this season.
> I started to wonder if the presence of the red-breasted was interfering with their normal behavior but, one day we watched both species in the same large tree not appearing to be bothered by each other.
> In the weeks we've had the feeder up, though, we have not had a white-breasted at it at all which is quite unusual for our yard.
> I wish I could read their minds sometimes... There are times where I like to assume or interpret their behavior to tell me what they're thinking and feeling... Lots of times it's just fun guessing of course. But this seems a mystery to me. Certainly the white-breasted have seen all the action and know our feeder is stocked by now... so, what's going on with them?
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