Date: 11/4/18 4:54 am
From: beau schaefer <beauschaefer...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Nov. Lake County Big Day
Went solo yesterday on my bike, though Andy Stewart was my owling bodyguard and NPO for the early morning. It was a great day with very little wind so biking was especially enjoyable on the trails. Had 83 sp. which is my personal best for Nov. and I missed literally a bundle of birds, so this total could easily have been much higher.

Owling- One of our best nights ever. We had 4 N.SAW-WHET OWLS, 3 E. SCREECH OWLS, 3 G.H. OWLS, and a 4th sp. medium sized owl that flushed right into my headlamp beam that we saw well. Probably a Long-eared given the location but it could have been a Barred also. Definitely too big for saw-what/screech and not enough wing span for a GHO.
We had BINOCULAR VIEWS in the headlamp of both screech and saw-whet. It was really cool and saw-whets were screaming literally in our faces at a couple of spots. Also had a grunting VIRGINIA RAIL at IBSP.

Misses from Friday- I went scouting Fri morning and had Field Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow, YR Warbler, Snow Bunting, Lapland Longspur, Dark-winged Scoter. I missed all these birds yesterday. Also had no warblers and no shorebirds other than Killdeer.

Route Highlights:
1. Rollins- Sora, G.Egret, Harrier, Canvasback, C. Goldeneye, Am. Bittern, Killdeer (missed SE Owl); Am. Black Duck, BW Teal
2. Ethel’s Woods Pond- Wood Duck
3. Pine Dunes- Savannah Sparrow, E. Bluebird, N. Flicker
4. Fairmont Shores (Fox Lake)- Bald Eagle, Common Loon
5. Lakewood- Sharp-shinned Hawk
6. Rt. 120 east of 45- massive goose flock; 2 Cackling Geese.
7. LCFG/Peterson Rd. Fluddle- Snow Goose/Canada Goose hybrid; literally looked like someone took the head and neck of a Snow Goose and stuck it on the body of a Canada Goose.
8. Waukegan- LBB Gull, and Thayer’s Gull. Both adults.
9. Rt.83 fluddle- no birds on the water but the fields around it had a massive blackbird flock with all blackbird sp. I think I had a female Brewer’s also but couldn’t get a good look at it before it flushed.
10. Van Patten Woods- Winter Wren chattering.
11. Mansville Ponds- Kestrel

Another great day to be out birding.


Go Get ‘Em!
Beau Schaefer
Lake Co
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