Date: 11/3/18 2:28 pm
From: W. Robert Shade III <wrshade3...>
Subject: [cobirds] Musings on Tyrants (no new sightings)
Now that there is a lull in rare bird reports, perhaps there is room for
reflecting on my good fortune with the genus Tyrannus in the last few
months. All flycatchers in North America are Tyrannidae but only the
kingbirds are in the genus Tyrannus. Micki and I and many of you enjoyed
the exciting Tyrannus savana (Fork-tailed Flycatcher) about Oct 22 at
Prince Lake #2 in Boulder County (didn't know it was a Tyrannus until
then). Then there was the Tyrannus melancholicus (Tropical Kingbird) near
the S. Platte Reservoir about Oct 5. For me personally Cassins' Kingbird
(T. vociferans) was a new yard bird (#102) on Sep 21, and the original
tyrant T. Tyrannus (Eastern Kingbird) was a new yardbird (#101) on Aug 20.
Just lacking Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (T. forficatus).

I assume from the CFO state list that the Fork-tailed will be Colorado
#503? Tyrannus trivia from Sibley (I) on pages 334 and 335: "Each Tyrannus
species builds a stick nest in the outer branches of a tree." "All species
in the genus Tyrannus have an orange or red median crown-stripe usually
concealed by the dark crown feathers; the stripe is brightest in adult male
and exposed only during displays." Didn't know either trivium! They are
"tyrants" who do not tolerate other species (especially larger species like
crows) but I did see an Eastern and a Western Kingbird peacefully
co-existing in the same bush at Flagler Wildlife Area last May.

Farewell all Tyrannidae until next spring. Maybe I can add Couch's Kingbird
to my ABA list one of these years!

Bob Shade

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