Date: 11/3/18 11:58 am
From: Janet Wolkenstein via Groups.Io <jalywol=<>
Subject: [hmbirds] Mt Ida dam removal, major bird/wildlife habitat is going to vanish.

Mt Ida Lake is a wetland and small lake behind a dam on the Poestenkill, in Troy.  I go there very frequently to watch and photograph birds and other wildlife. It's a remarkably rich, well established wetland ecosystem that serves as a permanent residence for many local species of birds, and also as a waystation for migratory birds in season.  It also houses a pretty impressive beaver dam, deer, several different types of turtles, and a very wide assortment of invertebrates, both aquatic and non-aquatic.  (For example: I've attached a photo I took a couple of years ago there,that shows a Great Egret pulling a crayfish out of the mud and eating it.  Heck, I never even knew we had crayfish up here before I looked closely at that shot after I downloaded it!).

Is there anything that we or anyone else can do to stop this?  I know the dam has to be attended to, but just taking it down is going to totally destroy a small, but very well established, and important, local wetland ecosystem.  Who can I contact who might be able to smack some sense into the Troy DPW about this?   The DEC, according to the WNYT article, doesn't seem to care about the wetland, just that the dam is unsafe....

Very frustrating.

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