Date: 11/2/18 5:17 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Willamina Black Scoter - NO
I visited the Huddleston Pond from 2 - 2:45 PM Friday. I walked the loop trail three times for exercise and to look for the Black Scoter. I did not find it. The only waterfowl on the pond were 3 P-b Grebes.

Just for good measure I went over to the sewage ponds and checked there. No scoter. I did see Shovelers, Mallards, Wood Ducks, a couple Am Wigeon, and a Black Phoebe.

Paul Sullivan

Subject: Willamina Black Scoter
Date: Fri Nov 2 2018 13:34 pm
From: tlove AT

Thanks to Paul for taking a couple of us down Thursday morning, I was afforded extended blowout looks at the female BLACK SCOTER at Huddleston Pond, Willamina. I write to urge anyone with a chance to stop by (assuming the bird hangs).

Though Black Scoters are the least common of our three scoters, you can find them at predictable places on the coast in winter (e.g., Moolach Beach north of Newport). The trouble is they�re always in the surf, and often viewed from above, so viewing is typically not ideal. With this Willamina bird on a flat pond, at close range, I�ve never had such an opportunity to carefully observe the plumage and even behavioral details of this species � the darker neck collar, the subtle lightening of the underparts from breast to belly, the shape of the bill, etc.


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