Date: 11/2/18 4:02 pm
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Subject: Re: IBET Visit To The Piping Plover & Adventures With A Cattle Egret Friday 11-2-18
Great story, Al. Thanks for sharing!


On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 2:47 PM Al Stokie <alstokie99...> [ILbirds] <
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> Hello Bird People,
> I wanted to get the Montrose Piping Plover for my November shorebird
> list as shorebirds in that month are not easy to come by. Since I was
> elsewhere yesterday I made a Montrose visit today.
> Started walking the beach at 7:15 a.m. when it was still slightly dark
> & right away I saw the PIPING PLOVER & it acted like it had just been
> asleep. The only other shorebirds I found were 10 Sanderlings but I
> see on ebird that others later had more than 10. Left by 8 a.m.after a
> short visit which included seeing 1 immature BLACK CROWNED NIGHT HERON
> at it's usual spot by the pier.
> Next back to Orland Grasslands South where I missed the Cattle Egret
> yesterday although not for a lack of trying. As I drove by the
> retention pond at 104th & 179th just west of the forest preserve I
> could see a small Egret but it had it's back to me. Parked in the lot
> & walked back to the pond where I saw the bird well enough to be sure
> it was the CATTLE EGRET. Then as I really had nothing else to do I
> watched the Cattle Egret from 9:15 to 10 a.m. to see just what it
> would do.
> What it did was walk 3/4 of the circuit around the entire pond from
> the S.E. corner all the way to the far N.E. corner by a yellow fire
> hydrant. While walking it was looking for food in all the tall
> vegetation along the pond edges. At least 10 times it found food as it
> went through a swallowing routine that was easy to observe. Finally at
> 10 a.m. having completed all sides of the pond except the east side it
> decided to fly over to the Orland Grasslands itself.
> Walked over there myself & started walking the bike path back into the
> preserve & there was the Cattle Egret walking the same bike path back
> toward the parking lot. But it didn't seem to be doing very well
> finding food & after 10 min it flew back to the fire hydrant & picked
> up where it left off & proceeded to walk the only section of the pond
> edge it hadn't checked before. This took another 20 min so the Egret
> took 1 hour & 5 min to complete the entire circuit with another 10 min
> walking the bike path. I hope at least some of you will find the
> Egrets actions interesting.
> Bird-Of-The-Day to the walking Cattle Egret & Runners-Up to the
> continuing Piping Plover &
> a fly-by Bald Eagle which I saw on the way to Orland Grasslands.
> Al Stokie
> Trying again on the Egret & finding it

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