Date: 11/2/18 10:31 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: thrushes
I hope people don't get tired of additional questions. :)  I'll have
more topics coming soon including some info requests on even more plants
for my yard and two topics on city lake in Siloam Springs.
Between normal procrastination and yardwork and such, I'll get to those
sooner or later.

I've been seeing reports this fall for hermit thrushes and so far, I
haven't seen any. I am wondering if their habitat requirements change
throughout the year... or, more likely, SOME of the habitat they like is
what changes during the year and they focus on stuff that they prefer
that hasn't changed as much. Hopefully that thought isn't too confusing.

This past spring, we had hermit thrushes all over while they migrated
through. You couldn't go outside without hearing and seeing a couple,
AND wood thrushes. They seemed to enjoy the woods around our house. A
couple springs ago we even had an invisible yet very vocal veery pass
But is our yard THAT different in the fall that other people have
reported hermit thrushes(quite a bit it seems) and we haven't seen or
heard any in our yard?  It's possible some have passed through briefly
without us knowing but with all the other reports and how much they
liked our yard earlier in the year, I was just a bit surprised we
haven't seen any.

Daniel Mason

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