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It will be interesting to see what evidence can be gained on its origin.
Escapee? Wanderer from the south?



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The Flamingo was still there when the front chased us off at around 5:00 pm.

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Don Morrow sent me an email exchange he had with Jim Young, who photo'd a
flamingo on SB #1 yesterday morning. I went out to the refuge immediately
(shortly after noon) and the bird was in Stony Bayou #1 about half way out
the double dikes. I went to look for the frigate birds that were seen near
the lighthouse (no luck) and on the way out at ~2:30 the flamingo had moved
a bit farther southeast in SB #1.

It is an American Flamingo, tricolored bill, reddish legs, neck and tail
darker pink than back/wings, which had a few grayish feathers. I have
several photos.

I think it would be good if folks continued to post sightings of this bird
so those who want to see it know it is still around. Matt


Don Morrow

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