Date: 11/1/18 9:26 pm
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Subject: IBET RE: Orland South Cattle Egret--yes
Well I posted this from my phone at about 2:50pm but if still hasn't shown up. But I was having trouble with my cell reception while at Orland.

We arrived at Orland Grassland South at 2:26pm. Saw the Cattle Egret immediately from my car. Jumped out, set up the scope and got 2 quick photos by 2:28. But there was a fisherman coming around the bend, in the grassy edge of the pond and the egret spooked and flew off to the southeast. We stayed for 10-15 minutes talking to the fisherman (who never had a clue the bird was there till it flew) and the bird did not return. The egret was in the retention pond at the corner of 179th & 104th. We parked on 104th. It's just before the Orland parking lot.

Joan Campbell
Briefly in Cook County this afternoon
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