Date: 11/1/18 3:25 pm
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Subject: IBET Ne. Lake County recent highlights
This morning's NE winds kicked off what November should be like... except that few birds decided to migrate past despite the awesome conditions for a good show. This suggests that very cold/freeze out of Canadian ponds has yet to occur, which encourages birds to come south.

North Point Marina:
This morning's mild show did include 3 small groups of Black Scoters, 13 in all. Also Surf and a Surf/Black flock flying past. Common Loons, Horned Grebe, Bufflehad and Gadwalls were the other flybys.
2 Palm Warblers seen here yesterday.

Spring Bluff F.P.
Yesterday a Grasshopper Sparrow flushed from the weeds and perched for a short time in a short Bur Oak just inside the main entrance. This is an unexpected species here. 3 Sandhill Cranes (at least) continue to feed in this park, one of the best places in IL to get closeup to this species.
A Northern Shrike arrival was perched near the new observation tower on Oct 26th. This tower is now complete, with the new seat added a few days ago. Overall, a very nicely done platform with signage, seating and a nice high view over swales on both sides.

Zion's Shiloh Park
A Snow Goose hung out among the Canadian flocks at the pond and golf course areas during at least Oct 21st-28th. The American Black Duck, now seen here for over 3 years running, continues, with seemingly the same 2nd male bird also present with it.

Illinois Beach State Park
Yesterday, one of the 2 flyby adult Bald Eagles decided to fly offshore and flushed the big raft of birds, which included a White-winged and 2 Surf Scoters. What a sight to see 1000+ waterfowl suddenly, in panic mode, flushed up and circle around. The Redhead flock has been running between 800-1000+ birds in the last week, with the Greater Scaup just starting to arrive in small flocks. 2 Field Sparrows and a Common Goldeneye were seen a few days ago.

Lastly, I've heard Western Chorus Frogs calling from 3 different locations yesterday, which surprised me (although temps did get to 60 later afternoon).

Eric Walters
Zion, IL/Grandview, MO

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