Date: 11/1/18 2:36 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: Surf Scoter at Alma WTP
If I'm lucky, Saturday would be the first day I could think about
heading that way. What are the chances it will still be around?  If
anyone happens to be down there late Friday or early Saturday and it's
there, let me know? :)

Also, back when the spoonbills were around, I headed that way twice and,
I don't remember what days it was but the gate was all closed at the
plant. Is it open sometimes? I see these reports mentioning being AT the
place and different ponds. How does that work? Can you get in sometimes
and sometimes not?
Surf scoter would a life bird for us but, we'll just have to wait and
see if I get a chance to chase it.  Kind of thinking I should save gas
money :(

Daniel Mason

On 11/1/2018 2:07 PM, Michael wrote:
> The Surf Scoter Joe Neal reported yesterday is still at the Alma WTP.
> We also saw a late Baird’s Sandpiper.
> A good variety of ducks....
> There were a couple of injured White Pelicans and a rehab’er has been contacted.
> Michael and Patty(Arkansas this week)

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