Date: 11/1/18 7:34 am
From: Kate StJohn <0000000f59b962a9-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Potential wipeout of Independence Marsh, Beaver County
This is not a bird sighting so please ignore if it is not of interest.  Everyone else please Reply Privately!(I am sending this to PABIRDS because the "AudubonPA" listserve seems to be defunct.)

Independence Marsh in Beaver County is a cool place to see birds at certain times of year. 

(Some of you may know this but for me...)  After not following pipeline information for a long time I read a newsletter today that discusses technical deficiencies in Shell's application for the Falcon Pipeline that's going to link Washington County gas wells to the new cracker plant in Beaver. 

Independence Marsh potential wipe-out:  The pipeline path is right through the middle of Independence Marsh, right through the streams and wetland next to the lake (on the right as viewed from the parking lot).   It would all be wiped out + a wide buffer for the pipeline right-of-way.

Map: Visit the link and scroll down to "Technical Deficiencies" heading & look at the zoomable map below it.  The circles and arrows are at Independence Marsh.
As I understand it, the only way this won't happen is if DEP says "Shell, you can't go there."  Reply to me privately for more discussion.

Kate St. John, Pittsburgh
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