Date: 10/31/18 10:19 pm
From: Loren Padelford <lpdlfrd...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] La Platte Bottoms, Sarpy
We went to La Platte Bottoms yesterday morning and evening, 10/31, and did not find a Common Gallinule. We did see:

Great Egret - 10 on the roost
American Coot - 50+
Pied-billed Grebe - 4
Ducks - thousands coming in to roost in the marsh - mostly Northern Pintails and Mallards.

In the morning there also were:

Ring-necked Duck - 10
Northern Shoveler - approx. 20
American Wigeon - 1
Gadwall - approx. 30
Horned Grebe - 1

Babs and Loren Padelford
Bellevue, NE

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