Date: 10/31/18 4:37 pm
From: Laster/Roark <elaster523...>
Subject: Franklin's Gulls and Lake Maumelle Info
Well, the Franklin’s Gulls made it Lake Maumelle in Little Rock. Kannan’s description of their behavior was perfect:

Yesterday in Sunnymede Park, Sandy Berger and I counted 397 Franklin's Gulls in 3-4 large flocks "balling" up into the clear blue sky, riding the warm thermal drafts and drifting southerly. At times they were mere white flecs in the sky, barely visible to the naked eye.

These came in waves and even with the storm front fairly close they were able to get enough altitude to make southerly progress. They were in 3-4 large groups with lots of stragglers in between. I saw a little over 200 gulls from the marina which is being renamed ‘West Rock Marina' by the new operators.

Speaking of Lake Maumelle:
I had noticed a lot of buildup in the scrub at Vista View on the west end of the lake and knew it would make glassing the lake more difficult this winter. So, I contacted Central Arkansas Water who manages the lake and talked to the person in charge of the physical area around the lake. He was agreeable to making improvements and put me in contact with their biologist. While she is protective of the plants around the lake (she collected many seeds along Bufflehead Bay) she was also interested in our use and contributions of data about birds on the lake and was very much aware of our reporting.

She agreed to remove much (not all) of the tree limbs hanging down and some of the brush growing up between the railing and the lake. Today, I could see that they had started removing the obstructions and opened up the area quite a lot. If you have any encounters with CAW personnel you should thank them for helping us get better views of the lake so we can watch/report the birds on the lake. They continue to encourage respectful use of this resource by the public.

Ed Laster
Little Rock
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