Date: 10/31/18 4:17 pm
From: Sally K. Scheer <winerat...>
Subject: [birders] What is the bulge?
My sister in the UP (Brimley) has a very active feeder. Lots of interesting
birds on her acreage that used to be a hunting camp full of wonderful
variety. She is a keen observer of all things natural and is puzzled by this
bluejay that seems to have an extra bulge below his beak. It is present
every time he visits the feeder and differs from other bluejays that also
visit regularly. We wondered if it was a full crop? It's there every time he
visits and doesn't seem to enlarge as he vigorously scoops up black
sunflower seeds.

IS it a full crop? If so, why does it not appear to change size as he stuffs
more seed in?

Sally Scheer
Now back below the bridge, a troll again

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