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Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Bird seed with critters
Hi all. Moths lay their eggs in the seeds during the summer; then the eggs hatch and larvae feed on the seed meats but out of our sight. They then gnaw their way out of the shells and become visible; you may first detect them crawling up your walls trying to get to the ceiling, the warmest place in the room, to pupate, especially if you move the sack from a cold garage to a warm room. Then, if the seeds are not frozen for a week or two to kill the eggs and larvae, they will spin cocoons and morph into --horrors---Indian meal moths, which will then go for our foods stored in cabinets and pantries. this pest eats almost anything starchy and can be a recurring nightmare if it gets a foothold;very hard to get rid of. I threw out 25% of a cousin's foods once because so much of her cabinet was infested; moths all over the place.





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Subject: [Tweeters] Bird seed with critters

Hi Tweeters,

In response to Greg’s question about bird seed with worms in it, I have encountered this too. The worms may be a treat for the birds, but it does make you wonder how old the seed is.

Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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