Date: 10/31/18 3:51 am
From: Joseph C. Neal <joeneal...>
Saturday night November 10, 2018. Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society will host a field trip to Ozark Natural Science Center<> north of Huntsville for trapping and banding Northern Saw-whet Owls. Everyone is welcome. We are invited to join UA-Fayetteville graduate student Mitchell Pruitt and others working on this owl project. There is no way to guarantee we will see owls, but chances should be pretty good. Mitchell is also working on a parallel project involving another seldom seen creature, Long-eared Owl. It is possible we could see both species, though to date no Long-eared Owls have been found.

EVERYONE PLEASE BE ON TIME OR A LITTLE EARLY at the meeting place, just off highway 23, on MC 1250, or at the gate at ONSC. We all need to be at the ONSC gate at 7 PM. Please don’t make this trip if you cannot be on time.

Trapped birds will be brought into the center for banding and other measurements. This will provide a good chance for everyone to see them and a chance for photos. Everyone should bring a flashlight. Trapping will continue throughout the night, but participants can leave when they wish. Overall, it would be best to consider remaining until 10ish. Nets are checked on about 45-minute intervals. There are bathrooms in the center.

If you are interested in this project or ONSC, why not consider helping with financial support, if you can afford it? Follow the Arkansas Saw-whet Owl Project here on facebook: If you would like to help fund some of this research, please contact Mitchell <mlpruitt24...><mailto:<mlpruitt24...>. ONSC is a generous host for this research project. Essential conservation education programs depend upon generous public support


Directions if you are traveling from the south (Huntsville area): at the intersection of Highway 412 and 23, travel N on 23 about 9.1 miles. On 23, note the large, brown sign for Ozark Natural Science Center (ONSC). Turn right on to Madison County 1235, a graded road. I will be parked there and lead on to ONSC.

Directions if you are traveling from the north (Rogers, Eureka Springs, etc): From the intersection of Highway 23 and 12 (note convenience store), travel S on 23 about 4.3 miles. Note the large, brown sign for Ozark Natural Science Center here, where there is a turn onto Madison County 1250, BUT continue S for about 0.2 miles to the left turn onto Madison County 1235, where I will be parked and lead on to ONSC.

If you want to do this completely on your own, make either turn (onto 1235 or 1250) and head on to the front gate for ONSC. Here are some directions from intersection of 23 and MC 1235. All of the following mileage starts at the turn off 23. Travel on MC 1235 for about 0.1 miles, to intersection (with MC 1250). Turn right – notice the ONSC sign. Travel to 0.9 miles to intersection with MC 1305. Note ONSC sign. Take MC 1305 to the gate at ONSC – total of about 2.3 miles since you left the pavement at highway 23.

If you use Google Earth, you can map this by typing Ozark Natural Science Center into the search block.

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