Date: 10/30/18 6:18 pm
From: Margaret Brittingham <mxb21...>
Subject: Spotted Lanternfly and Birds
I am collecting some background information on birds and spotted
lanternfly. For those of you in the SE who have been dealing with spotted
lanternfly (SLF) over the past couple of years, I am seeking information on
any observations off how birds are reacting to the spotted lanternfly
Have you seen any birds feeding on lanternflies either dead or alive or do
they avoid them?
Have you seen any birds feeding on the SLF egg masses?
In addition, I am interested in any observations associated with control
measures (sticking bands on trees, insecticides) and any issues with birds
(e.g. birds stuck on sticky band,change in number of birds in the yard
etc). This information will be used as a starting point for a pilot study
on SLF and birds. If you have observations to share, please email me
directly at <mxb21...>

Margaret Brittingham

Margaret Brittingham
Professor of Wildlife Resources
Dept of Ecosystem Science and Management
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