Date: 10/30/18 5:28 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] On keeping notes (was Boiler Bay 10/29)
From the multiple comments posted on OBOL I get the picture that I could
import a variety of spreadsheets that I have into eBird.

There would be some effort. Someone would have to fiddle with things to
make them sync up. Then regional editors would have to make decisions about
what is acceptable for what lever of fitness for some category of archived
record under the eBird system. Then my stuff would be "in there" for

I could keep my life list. Well, I'm already doing that.

I could look at maps of where I saw rare birds. I already know that.

I could look at displays of where I saw common birds. Hmmm. Useful?

Researchers and wildlife managers could mine my data to make the case for
preserving habitat, or make decisions about laws to protect species. My
data could help convince those who doubt the values of birds. Really? I
think those arguments have already been made. And the doubters still doubt.


In recent years, I seen peers who also have years of old notebooks take on
the task of putting their data into eBird. I've seen them take years to
enter decades of notes. They say it was worth it.

I'm more with Tim Rodenkirk. I estimate I have 250,000 lines of data, and
on each line I would have to add up the numbers and separate them if there
is a semi-colon in the line (indicating different counties). That's a lotta


I'm happy to have my boxes of notes saved and explored by those who come
after me, but I don't want to spend the rest of my years sitting at this
keyboard entering numbers on a screen.

I'll still collect the data, because I've always done it this way. ;-)

Paul Sullivan

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