Date: 10/30/18 2:40 pm
From: Lona Pierce <lona.pierce...>
Subject: [obol] Columbia County
Saw around a dozen WHITE PELICANS north of Scappoose just before noon today. They were flying overhead not far from Scappoose Bay in Warren while I was heading into town.
And a story of blind panic that didn't end well: Just a few minutes ago (2:30 in afternoon) we were looking out our livingroom window when a cooper's hawk swooped in and scared a covey of California quail that were scratching around in the shrubs. They flew in all directions, including two right at the window. They hit hard in front of us -- one died immediately, another other more slowly, and the hawk flew away with nothing to show for it. These quail have been around all summer -- 14 altogether until now. Most are siblings that grew up around our place. Wish at least the hawk had carried one away for a meal. The window has protective stickers plus a person was right inside the window, but panic didn't stop them from hitting this time.

Lona Pierce

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