Date: 10/30/18 2:34 pm
From: Sherri Carpenter <sherric...>
Subject: Purple finches
I saw a pair of purple finches in the backyard trees this morning. While we
were sitting on the back (screened-in) porch tonight, from about 4:20 to
5:15 or so, we had SEVERAL purple finches come in to the sunflower seed tube
feeders. At one point, there were six female/immatures and one male in
sight. I believe we had at least two adult males. That is more than I am
used to seeing at one time. Interestingly, the evening started with several
house finches (as usual) at the feeders and in the bushes, but once the
purples arrived in force, the house finches moved out farther from the

Sherri Carpenter
Roxboro, NC

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