Date: 10/30/18 7:58 am
From: Jerry McWilliams <0000001b5c226889-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Erie County waterbird count for Oct. 30, 2018
Location: Walnut Creekaccess

Date: October 30, 2018      

Time:0740 to 0940

Weather: Partly cloudybecoming mostly sunny, 38 F, wind S to 10 mph, waves one to two feet.

Comments:  Nice to see some lake activity after severaldays of poor visibility and few birds. There was westward movement of cormorants, Lesser Scaup and HornedGrebes moving mostly to the west as well as a few Dunlin.  Most birds were well offshore including theDunlin.

Waterbirds recorded:

Woopd Duck  3

Gadwall  3

Lesser Scaup  800

White-winged Scoter  2

Black Scoter  3

Surf/Black scoter  19

Bufflehead  1

Common Goldeneye  12

Hooded Merganser  5

Common Merganser  1

Red-breastedMerganser  56

Ruddy Duck  3

Red-throated Loon  2

Common Loon  9

Horned Grebe  103

Double-crestedCormorant  2800

Dunlin  38 Jerry McWilliamsErie, Erie County, <Pa.jerrymcw...>
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