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I started birding 61 years ago. And no, I am not 21 years older than Paul. I started keeping counts in defined areas about 37 years ago. I didn't keep lati-long info, but I still know where the South Jetty of the Columbia River is and where the Hatfield Marine Science Center is and where Hatfield Lake is. So while those lists are historical, maybe someone in the future will find the data worth studying. I am now an eBird regional editor, so being a senior doesn't mean you can't (or won't) embrace technology. The people I birded with were (and still are) fun. I love the memories. But I also love my digital camera, my birding apps, the computer that helps me keep my data and photos organized, and the ability to search the internet to find the next great place I want to go birding. In the immortal words of Satchell Paige, "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you."

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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I started birding 40 years ago. The first year I kept lists on separate pieces of paper.
The second year I was told to keep a notebook. I started and I'm still doing it.
The third year I was told to not only list the species, but to count how many of each species each day. I'm still doing that.
[If you're under 40, send me your birthdate and I'll tell you how many house sparrows I saw the day you were born.]
A few years later I was led to keep track of each county separately. I'm still doing that.

Then people came along after 36 years and said I should have been keeping track of each 5-mile segment of road separately, recording the latitude/longitude, and the time spent at each stop. I should have recorded each pond at each refuge separately.

They say I've been doing it all wrong all this time! My data is just "historical." It doesn't fit their paradigm.

Why did I bother? ;-)
- - - - - - - - - - -
I like my data. It was fun collecting it. The people I birded with were good company. ;-)

The waterthrush today was fun.

Paul Sullivan
Subject: eBorg
Date: Mon Oct 29 2018 20:52 pm
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Even Phil Pickering is on eBird now. Who�s next? Paul Sullivan?

Resistance is futile, Paul....

You shall be assimilated.


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