Date: 10/29/18 5:03 pm
From: ed mcv <ed.mcvicker...>
Subject: [obol] Larid brush up
I hope this isn't too much of a sleep aid for the insomniacs among us. I'm
stepping beyond my gull ID comfort level trying to brush up my skills for
winter gull watching and would appreciate confirmation or correction from
anyone still awake. I've tagged 9 birds
<> in
one photo taken along Ocean View Dr. in Yachats last week. I think there
are three species (California*, Herring* & Western*) and a couple of
Olympic type hybrids pictured.

I was most curious about Gull D and initially called it an immature
Glaucous Gull based on bill size & coloration, overall light appearance
(especially the head) and size/bulk compared to Gull E - what I thought an
adult Herring Gull (pink legs, light eye & mantle color.) Then I noticed
D's dark shading of the wings and, after a bit of research, feel it's most
likely a first cycle Herring Gull. However, that bill just looks so
Glaucous Gull and in the close up photo of D & E
I'm wondering if the size difference, lighter head and longer
wings-beyond-tail suggest the possibility of a Glaucous x Herring (Nelson's
Gull)? I'm way out of my element here so any comments would be welcome.

I included a third photo
<> of
a flyby gull that looked interesting. Might that be a Thayer's/Iceland

Happy winter,
Ed McVicker
SW Portland

* I think Gull A (pink legs, dirty head, light iris and mantle color) is a
straight forward adult winter Herring Gull and J is typical for Western. B
and H seem good for Cal Gulls (leg color and size.)

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