Date: 10/29/18 3:00 pm
From: Don and Shirley Maas <snowbirds2012...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: Re: [NEBirds] Thank YOU and Yesterday birds
I post to EBird but miss the personal touch I get from NEBirds.

Shirley and I are in AZ for the winter as Snowbirds. I (Don) attended the
AZFO (Arizona Field Ortinlogists) annual meeting in Ajo, AZ of over the
weekend. Great meeting
with a Sunday Field Trip to Puetoto Pentesco (Rocky Point, MX). Great
location for shorebirds and gulls.

Don Maas (Transplanted NE to OK & AZ)

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 1:25 PM Paul Roisen <roisenp1950...> [NEBirds]
<NEBirds...> wrote:

> Just wanted to all those who post directly on NeBirds since many of us use
> eBird and forget to post to the ListServe. Though I think eBird is very
> important not every is an eBirder user and eBird only puts out "Rare" bird
> sightings.
> Sorry for the LATE post RE: Yesterday.
> LaPlatte Bottoms drew quite a few birders looking for the Common
> Gallinule (huge thanks to the Padelfords)--To my knowledge every there got
> to see it though two of us missed the early sightings. Thanks to Justin
> Rink for hanging out with Michael Willison and meI until Mechael spotted it
> flying and we all got short looks at in as it landed and then swam into the
> reeds not to re-appear though we waited another 45 minutes.
> Also see was an American Bittern which flew right over out heads. Added
> 5 tics to make 173.
> Rest of the day was spent at Cunningham Lake (not much there at all) and
> in Dodge County which was amazingly absent of bird activity. 4 hours
> produced 3 sparrow species, one Pied-billed Grebe and the only ducks were
> on the Hopper WTP which had it's game open for some unexpected reason on a
> Sunday. NOT a single duck or grebe on Fremont Lakes though I covered them
> all. Added 12 tics with things like DE Junco, Ring-billed Gull and Great
> Blue Heron bring total to 69.
> Rough-legged hawk, unexpectedly, flew off a power poll in Cumings
> County--added two tics for a whopping total of 29,.
> Weather was outstanding and people were amazing. Thanks Nebraskan's
> sharing your sightings and all the help you provide us birders from other
> states.
> God Blessm
> *Paul O. Roisen*
> *Woodbury County, IA*
> *Mobile 712-301-2817*

Don & Shirley Maas

The Snowbirds have migrated to
AZ an established our WINTER residence in Mesa
for the WINTER

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