Date: 10/29/18 12:25 pm
From: pdxjmorris . <pdxjmorris...>
Subject: [obol] Trying to Start a Birding Group in SE Portland
Inspired by an exchange I saw a bit ago in OBOL and by a podcast I just
listened to, I have decided to move forward with an idea that has been
banging around between my ears for a while – let's start a local birding
group in SE Portland.

Keeping this brief, the primary benefit of such a project would be the
sharing of knowledge and the community / companionship of other birders.
Besides regular bird walks there are a number of other cool things to do:

- Xmas bird count (probably not this year, but who knows!)

- Big Sits or like activities

- Host local experts for talks or classes

- Communication about local issues and rare bird sightings

- General public and youth outreach

I live out in Lents, near 82nd and Foster, so I have been thinking of this
in terms of I-205 corridor adjacent sites (Mt. Tabor, Foster Floodplain Nat
Area / Brookside Wetlands, Powell Butte, Mt. Talbert, Springwater
Corridor), but there are a number of other wonderful spots to meet for
walks, Crystal Springs being a great example.

Drop me a line at my email address if you are interested. I will set up a
Facebook group in the next day or so (other platform suggestions are
welcome and appreciated) and send interested parties a link. Meetup may be
another option in the near future.

I am open to ANY suggestions and am not wed to any specific vision. My
hope is to bring people together and let those voices guide what the group
becomes. I am new to this hobby (obsession?) – my wife and I started
birding almost exactly a year ago – and I would love to glean some of the
voluminous knowledge which is certainly present in our community and help
spread word about joy of birding!

Thank You,

Joseph Morris


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