Date: 10/29/18 5:35 am
From: Bill Majoros, Ph.D. <william.majoros...>
Subject: Good weekend birding around Durham
The birding was good Saturday at Eno Rover SP (Few's Ford), Sandy Creek city park, and Butner Gamelands (Brickhouse Road), and noticeably slower Sunday.

I was happy to see the male kestrel at Butner Gamelands again, though the bird had moved further down Brickouse Rd to the power lines near the lake.

Orange-crowned warbler (ID'ed by birder Don at Sandy Creek)
Yellow breasted chats (2: Few's Ford & Butner Gamelands)
Palm warblers (2: Sandy Creek & Butner Gamelands)
Cape May warbler (Sandy Creek)
Pine warblers
Yellow-rumped warblers (many)
FOS Dark-eyed junco (Butner Gamelands)
Purple finch

House finches
Indigo bunting (Butner Gamelands)
A. goldfinch
Golden-crowned kinglet
Ruby-crowned kinglets
American kestrel
Great egret
Great blue heron
Tree swallows
Chimney swifts
Cedar waxwings
White-throated sparrows
Song sparrows
Chipping sparrows
Red-headed woodpecker
Red-bellied woodpecker
Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Downy woodpecker
Northern flickers (many)
Blue jays (many)
Red-winged blackbirds (flock)
Brown-headed cowbird
Rufous-sided towhees
Red-tailed hawk
Red-shouldered hawk
Barred owl
Belted kingfisher
E. Phobe
Bonaparte's gull
Unidentified tern
Wood ducks
Double-crested cormorants
Canada geese
Robins (many)
E. Bluebirds (many)
Carolina wrens
N. Mockingbird
N. Cardinals
E. Starlings
Chickadees & titmice

Bill Majoros, Ph.D.
Durham, NC

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