Date: 10/28/18 9:47 pm
From: Tye Jeske <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender tjeske233 for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Coast Birds Today
Today Alan Contreras, Joshua Galpern, and I birded Florence up to Waldport today. Conditions were better than expected, sunny most of the day until we got back to Florence. Conditions over the ocean were bad so we didn't attempt any seawatch's.

Are first good bird was along hwy 126 where between Cushman and Acme and across the street from the Siuslaw Marina and River RV Park. We heard a chip that we thought was a Palm warbler, but ended up being a very cooperative Swamp Sparrow, which gave us good looks and even allowed us to photograph.

We then hit the North Jetty Mudflats which had no black backed gull. Quite a few cals and Olympic gulls present and hoody mergs.

The C and M stables had 3 greater white fronts.

Bob creek wayside had more cals and Olympic gulls, as well as western and a few herrings. Also a marbled murrelet flew into flock of surf scoters.

We checked most of Yachats, but came up with no Palms or Tropical Ks. Lots of finches, sparrows, kinglets, chickadees, collared doves, and starlings filled up most of the neighborhood area. Lots of cackling geese many of which were Aleutian. We then went to smelt sands looking for rock-pipers and hopefully a rock sandpiper. We found one large flock of about 25 black turnstones and 8 surfbirds, and 4 black oystercatchers.

We then ate lunch in Waldport checked the neighborhood, again no palms or Tropical ks. Alsea boat docks didn't have much. Eckman lake had lots of lesser Scaup, ring-necked ducks, bufflehead, mallard, and a few wigeon. A single greater yellowleg was present.

We hit Yachats and bob creek wayside on the way back but nothing else influential was seen.

Heceta head only had western and g-wing Gulls.

The south Jetty had quite a bit including an adult northern shrike on the main road and lots in the channel including multiple red necked grebes, 5 red breasted mergs. Multiple horned grebes, common loons including one in almost full breeding plumage still. A single common murre was present as well.

Last stop was Marina and port a large roosting group of 80 least pipers, and a single Dunlin mixed in. Gulls included mostly cals, western, Olympic, and a few g-wings. No palms were present.

Overall good day on the coast, with great conditions for late October. All checklists are on ebird. Alan or Josh can add whatever I forgot.
Good Birding
Tye J.

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