Date: 10/28/18 7:13 pm
From: Joe Roller <jroller9...>
Subject: [cobirds] Pacific Loon continues at Marston Reservoir
I saw the previously reported Pacific and Common Loons from a vantage
along Bow-Mar Drive, where one is allowed to pull completely off the
roadway onto the grass.
This is near the pin marker for the eBird hotspot named "Marston Reservoir
Complex--Marston Reservoir *East* End".

I looked due south and the loons were 2/3 of the way across the lake,
between a red and a yellow buoy. Seeking a
closer look, I drove to the cul de sac of West Layton Way, which can be
reached by going south on South Wadsworth St,
where the far west end of the water comes close to the chain link fence.
That way one avoids trespassing.

However from that cul de sac, houses blocked views of the loon, and one is
prohibited from walking east into the nature
preserve. So I tried from the far west end of the lake, thru the
chain link fence and although I could see the loons, but they were far off
and into the sun.

So IF you want to try for the loons, you might need to try all of those 3
vantage points or even Isthmus Park to get a decent view.

Joe Roller, Denver

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