Date: 10/28/18 5:02 pm
From: Richard Guthrie <richardpguthrie...>
Subject: [hmbirds] Coxsackie Grasslands - Sparrows +
An overcast day with occasional drizzle.

But an interesting mix of mid-fall birds:

6 Mallards (incl. 1 hybrid Black x Mallard)
1 Bufflehead (female)
1 N. Harrier
1 Bald Eagle (soaring - distant)
1 Red-tailed Hawk (northern ssp - abieticola)

5 White-crowned Sparrows
1 White-throated Sparrow (only one)
2 Vesper Sparrows
6 Savannah Sparrows (likely more but they were skulking down in the grasses
- calling a lot)
5 Song Sparrows
3 Swamp Sparrows (likely more - see above)
8 Yellow-rumped Warblers

At home:
a dozen Pine Siskins joined one lone Fox Sparrow and many juncos and W.t.

Rich Guthrie
New Baltimore
Richard Guthrie

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