Date: 10/28/18 4:19 pm
From: Jamie Simmons <sapsuckers...>
Subject: [obol] Re: RBA — Possible Bean Goose at Finley NWR today
Yesterday (10/27) Doug Robinson reported to Corvallis birders: "No bean
goose at Cabell this morning"

Jamie Simmons

On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 8:10 PM David Irons <LLSDIRONS...> wrote:

> Did anyone go to Cabell Marsh (bird seen from the overlook) and attempt to
> refind the Bean Goose reported there yesterday??? We spent the day at sea
> with the two Finnish Birders who found this bird. Bean Geese are common
> where they live and they are also familiar with Greater White-fronted
> Geese. Based on structure and bill pattern they believe the bird was a
> Tundra Bean Goose.
> This is not just some spurious report from visiting birders who had no
> clue that a Bean Goose would be rare here. As noted before both Hannu
> Huhtinen (a Finnish Bird Records Committee member) and his friend Rasmus
> are well-traveled expert birders who have both visited the U.S. on multiple
> occasions. Part of their mission during this visit was to study Cackling
> Geese in an effort to get a better handle the various subspecies. There
> have been some stray white-cheeked geese in Finland and they are
> endeavoring to figure out which form they are getting. I had a chance to
> talk with them today and see their birding skills first hand. I have no
> reason to doubt their report.
> Shawneen and I are considering a run down the valley to look for this
> bird, but we just did a very wet 8-hr pelagic trip on short sleep and
> tomorrow's forecast appears to be pretty damp. We will see how we feel in
> the morning. If Finley were a little closer to home, we'd be there for
> sure.
> Dave Irons
> Beaverton, OR

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