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Subject: RE: [NEBirds] 50 lb Black Oil Sunflower $15.99 at Menards
In the summer I feed Orioles & Hummingbirds Aug-Sep/Oct.

In the winter I feed suet plus water (more important than food in my book).

Greg Stoiber

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Subject: Re: [NEBirds] 50 lb Black Oil Sunflower $15.99 at Menards

In addition to black oil sunflower what are you feeding?

Mary Clausen

La Vista, Sarpy Co, NE

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Although I noticed some husks in one of the bags I recently purchased at Menard's, I disagree with your view. Most of bag is seed and in my experience Audubon prices are too high to justify the price difference, especially if you live on any kind of a budget. At times in the past, I would go through a 50 pound bag of black oil sunflower a week. That's $16 a week, or $64 a month, compared to Audubon's $26 (or whatever their current price is, I can't afford it) a bag or $108 a month. The birds are just as happy with sunflower from Menard's. Most of the local feed stores or bird stores sell the same brand that Menard's carries but charge at least $6 more a bag. A little dust never bothered me and one of the general complaints I have heard for years about grains produced by USA farmers is that there is too much debris or dust in them. They can't be avoided completely. The allowable amounts of debris and dust in 50 pound bags of black oil sunflower, and other birds seed, is unfortunately part of the bird feeding industry. If a person can afford to pay Audubon's high prices good for them, but I can't justify spending that kind of money. I also buy two other varieties of seed, also sold in 50 pound bags, and during the winter months I can easily go through 100 pounds of a mix of those two varieties in a two week period. One year I had over 3000 goldfinches and pine-siskins. One cold January day about 10 years ago I had 69 white-throated sparrows at my feeders at the same time. They like my homemade mixes, and I can't afford to buy Audubon's overpriced bird feed.

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