Date: 10/27/18 9:02 pm
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Subject: [pen-bird] Clay-colored Sparrows - Coastside 10/27/2018
Good Evening Birders,
Today I birded several of our bucolic county back-roads (coastside), beginning at Seaside School Road along San Gregorio Creek. While nothing rare at this spot it is a gem of a riparian and featured a good number of our fine regulars. I had one really nice flock, of note was an uptick in the number of RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS I have been seeing:

Then I proceed on a slow drive down Stage Road, I pulled over where I saw some sparrow activity, and the first bird I got on was a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW.  It was exceptionally accommodating for photos and viewing.  Details and photos are in my eBird checklist.  I note in the checklist that I parked at 37.286968, -122.377844 (there is a sign at a gated gravel road down to a barn that says 2555 Stage Road, but when I Google that address, it is somewhere else, the GPS coordinates are more reliable).  A flyover RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER was also a great treat at this stop:

Finally it was on to Old Woman's Creek Road, where I was surprised again to find yet another CLAY-COLORED SPARROW!  I've only seen three in my eight years of birding SMC, so finding two in one day today at different locations was a sheer delight.  Also cool at this stop, were a good number of PACIFIC WREN, and capping off the day watching a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK and RED-TAILED HAWK mixing it up just above where Old Woman's Creek Rd meets Gazos Creek road was a great way to end the day:

Bountiful Birding,Kent ForwardEl Granada

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