Date: 10/27/18 8:30 pm
From: Joey Kellner <vireo1...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: birding pifalls
Thank you Glenn.

First, for finding and scrutinizing this bird and notifying people of your
first impressions of the bird (yes, nearly all your first impressions are
correct :-) ). It is better to get people onto a bird and find out it
might not be the bird you thought, than the opposite...telling no one and
then showing photos of a rarity that no one can chase because it left!
So, for letting us all know what you suspected WAS the right thing to do.

Second, thank you for posting your uncertainty and suspicions. It allows
all of us to reflect, "Did I, personally, see enough detail on the bird to
make a positive identification?" Many times when out birding we "blindly"
accept a companion's sightings. When we bird with a friend or an organized
group we should, like Glenn, want a clean list for ourselves. Sometimes we
get caught up in the "chase" and allow "peer pressure" to influence the
bird identifications we make (or attempt to make at great distances).

Again, a big "THANK YOU" to Glenn for explaining his decision process and
conclusions. We all need to re-evaluate what we saw...and see in the
future. Great birders like Glenn DO make mistakes occasionally, but that
is how great birders became great...they make mistakes and learn. I guess
I need to make more mistakes!

Thanks Glenn.


Joey Kellner
Littleton, Colorado

On Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 7:51:20 PM UTC-6, Glenn and Laurie wrote:
> So today I reminded myself I am not the best birder in the world.
> Something everyone needs to pay attention to. First impressions are often
> correct but not always. Tony Leukering taught me shape and structure are
> huge in bird ID. Plumage changes but structure rarely does. I was fairly
> convinced the Marston duck was a tufted duck. I saw and photo’d the bird
> fairly close up. In defense of everyone else who reported this bird, it
> was never close to shore after my initial sighting. From a distance, it
> appeared to be a TUDU but was not easy to confirm. After looking at my
> photos, I became suspicious. Shape and structure did not look right. I’d
> rather be wrong and have a clean list than fudge a rarity.
> I’m ok with mis-IDing this one, because I won’t next time.
> Glenn Walbek
> Castle Rock, CO
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