Date: 10/27/18 4:08 pm
From: Leslie Borns <cakile...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Montrose Piping Plover continues and a records update
Dear Ilbirds et al.,
The unbanded Piping Plover was present again today at Montrose Beach, feeding in a large fluddle with a flock of Dunlin and Sanderling.  The plover has been at Montrose for 12 days (since October 15) and this is the latest record we have for a Piping Plover here.  This small, pale shorebird species is both state and federally endangered, and it's thrilling that it is finding the Montrose habitat so inviting.  Much of this is due to the hard work and cooperation over the past year+ of Chicago Park District Security staff, 19th District Chicago Police, and birder and natural area advocates, who together have made great strides in enforcement of the offleash dog and other ordinances at the beach and natural areas.  At this time, the entire beach is excellent stopover habitat and we hope these conditions continue.

Some have asked about state records, and recently Al Stokie, Luis Munoz, and Geoff Willianson did a little digging re. the latest fall date for Piping Plover in Illinois.  Here's what they found:
Charlie Clark observed a Piping Plover in Lake County November 9 & 10, 1973..
H. David Bohlen observed plovers on November 9-21, 1982 (Mendota), and on November 13, 1982, (LaSalle).

Since the Montrose bird is unbanded, we're not sure where it originated, but hopefully it will stay here resting and refueling as long as it wants before continuing its southward migration to its wintering grounds.
GREAT fall birding,
Leslie BornsChicago/Cook

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