Date: 10/27/18 12:01 pm
From: Catherine Fisher <catherineckx...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Fox sparrow, rusty blackbird Lee
Strictly armchair birding today:
Don't know why the rusty's hanging out by himself. Likely a dropout from
the sizable mixed blackbird flock going from farm to farm in Lee (with the
boom in the squirrel population this year, the mast crop was harvested in
the trees before the nuts were even ripe, resulting in very few acorns for
blackbird flocks; hence they're foraging in grain fields; have heard more
than one farmer refer to them as "winged rats"). The rusty has been
feeding beneath the bird feeder for two days - feathers fluffed out
constantly, so likely this is an ailing bird.

Song sparrow 1
Fox sparrow 1
Song sparrows 4
Rusty blackbird 1
R.B. nuthatches 2
W.B. nuthatches 2
Cardinals 3
Bluejays 5
Titmice 4
Chickadees 3
Downy woodpeckers 2
Hairy woodpeckers 2
Goldfinches 10+
Purple finch 1
Mourning doves 2
D.E. juncos 14+

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